Happy First day of Spring!

I retired a year ago, yay – just the occasional freelance work for our church and a local non-profit! Catching up on a lot of yard work. After a week of near 70s weather when I spread MANY bags of cedar mulch, the weather took a turn and it’s now 42 degrees and windy today! So, no yard work now, but the forsythias from my folks house are in full bloom, the pond is holding water, and it looks great out back

Long long time – Life intrudes!


Life has been rich and busy. I started TheWebGal site over 20 years ago as a point of contact for friends, a way to post info about my hobbies and interests. Later on, I installed Movable Type and later WordPress as a learning experience. But with the advent of social media like Facebook and Twitter, and with a lot of offline activities taking up my time, I have not made many posts in the last 4 years. I initially stood up a copy of WordPress for a dear friend with some health issues, but he has not posted much in recent years. http://www.wingoglobal.com/
About 2 years ago I stood up another instance of WordPress for our church http://www.mccnova.com/, and I recently stood up another copy for a local 501C support organization.
Since I am online all day for work issues, I don’t spend as much time posting online here after hours – I really do prefer to work in the garden, tending the goldfish in my pond, listening to music, and spending time with my family.

Life is sweet – enjoy it!

Remembering Tony …

Tony Lackler gravestone - April 1, 1978

Gravestone for Tony Lackler On Forest Glenn ave

I have been meaning to go by there for a long time, but time gets away from you, and chasing this down required a trip to Wheaton/Silver Spring, and I honestly don’t get to Md much unless I go see my dad. To be honest, even tho I was a pallbearer, it’s been so long …I wasn’t even sure I could find it after all this time – has it really been 34 years since Tony died?
But sure enough, the little Cemetery was there on the West side of Forest Glenn Ave – not far from the house he grew up in … The whole family is gone now – Peter died nearly 10 years ago – and Marion a few years later. That’s hard to believe too – such nice people, so full of life!

Remembering Sept 11, 2001

Black Ribbon
I’ve turned the background page black in memory of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks.
Never forget the lives lost in this cowardly and horrific attack on American soil.
And remember the first responders who toiled at the scenes of those attacks –
make sure they have full healthcare and are treated well for all that they have done.

MidCentury Modern Homes near Fairfax

One of the more interesting designs in Holmes Run Acres

Nice design with a huge deck as carport, amongst mature trees

With all the TV shows in reruns, I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and have run across a number of interesting communities in the area. First off is Holmes Run Acres, just inside the beltway and off Gallows Rd. It’s a community of 355 houses of modern design. The posted image is a neat home I saw there that overlooks the park. I’d love to tour it!

There is another area called Pine Spring, its a 121-home development just inside the beltway on Rt 50, near Loehman’s Plaza where SCAN used to be! (Kinda makes sense that a Scan was nearby!) I haven’t taken any pictures there yet.

Another area I drove into earlier this week is Mantua – its a large community just off 236 a bit below Pickett St – and its a mixed community of traditional and modern designs – I spotted a number of cool MCModern designs there – I’ll upload some pictures later.

Another community is Hollin Hills, a bit below Alexandria, which Emma and I still want to take a drive to and take some pictures. But its amazing the wealth of affordable Modern homes in this traditional area.

Summer is coming to the Pond

I love this time of the year. All the plants around our pond are greening up nicely, the fish are awake and splashing about, the birds have returned and are singing day and night … what a great place to unwind … all on 1/4 acre!

Happy Birthday to me, he he he …

Its been a while since I last posted. The site is more a work in progress than any kind of ongoing commentary. Life is pretty sweet over the last 10 years and I don’t often stop and write it large onto the √¶ther …

Anyway, I am just recovering from a nasty bout with Norwalk virus- or something like it – ugh its nothing you’d want to talk about – certainly nothing you’d want to experience, but I’m pulling through and should be back to work shortly.

Happy Birthday to me, he he …