MidCentury Modern Homes near Fairfax

One of the more interesting designs in Holmes Run Acres

Nice design with a huge deck as carport, amongst mature trees

With all the TV shows in reruns, I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and have run across a number of interesting communities in the area. First off is Holmes Run Acres, just inside the beltway and off Gallows Rd. It’s a community of 355 houses of modern design. The posted image is a neat home I saw there that overlooks the park. I’d love to tour it!

There is another area called Pine Spring, its a 121-home development just inside the beltway on Rt 50, near Loehman’s Plaza where SCAN used to be! (Kinda makes sense that a Scan was nearby!) I haven’t taken any pictures there yet.

Another area I drove into earlier this week is Mantua – its a large community just off 236 a bit below Pickett St – and its a mixed community of traditional and modern designs – I spotted a number of cool MCModern designs there – I’ll upload some pictures later.

Another community is Hollin Hills, a bit below Alexandria, which Emma and I still want to take a drive to and take some pictures. But its amazing the wealth of affordable Modern homes in this traditional area.

Office nearly done!

Got the wall painted, emptied the old shelves, put the new system in place, and put everything back on the shelves. I still have a lot of stuff at my end (by the window) to sort through and thin out, but Emma has just done wonders sorting out here stuff!
I even bought some 12inch oak board for additional shelves at my end! I did a quick Walnut stain and its darker that I wanted, but it’ll do (once they fully dry). Wow – busy week and weekend!


‘nother darned Modern wall system

Just got home after buying Greg’s wall system – thank goodness again for the CRV – got everything loaded in! Its a tight fit, but after a slow drive around the beltway in rush hour, its here. With much help from Emma, its all unpacked and in the basement!
Now all I have to do is empty our office, sand and paint the wall, reassemble the wall unit, and load all our books and software onto it. But, this is a good start!

Shopping for shelves for our office wall

Emma wants to redo our home office shelves, on the wall behind us when we are at our desks. Currently its a collection of folding shelf units and such we accumulated over the years, generally nice wood, but mismatched. We had gone to IKEA but it looked like we would spend $950-1200 for a system the way we wanted it. And flat pack furniture from around the world isn’t very green.
But then I saw this Modern wall system on Craigslist … Its a little rough and the seller wants way too much money, but its flexible and doesn’t rely on proprietary hardware like that old SCAN system I got in FEB …