HG Furniture Wall System from SCAN

Earlier this year I got an older Danish Modern Wall System. Its a very neat series of cabinets, desk and shelves, with aluminum tracks meant to be bolted to the wall and brackets to you can hang everything with. The seller said she got it at SCAN years ago, had moved around with it for ages, and wanted something new. On the back of the cabinets it’s stamped HG – Furniture, Made in Denmark.
I brought it home, wiped it all down with orange oil, and stacked the 3 dressers in my bedroom for all my things. I put the glass-front display cabinets and extra pieces in the basement until summer was over. Now its time to have a deeper look at it.


It’s Teak veneer with Birch drawer interiors – each piece is 35 1/2 wide, tho the height and depth vary.
There is a kind of desk unit with 2 half-width drawers and 2 cubbyholes underneath 35x16x6 1/2 tall.
There are 2 cabinets with glass sliding doors and glass shelves – 35x16x16
There is one dresser with 4 drawers – 35x16x16
There are 2 dressers with 4 drawers that are 19 3/4 deep
Plus a couple of shelves of varied depth 8 1/2″, 11″, 14 1/2



One thought on “HG Furniture Wall System from SCAN

  1. Hi,

    This is a really neat system. I have the same one in my house and I’m hoping to get a few more pieces to add into mine.

    Thanks in advance.

    Happy Holidays.

    Mark Heidemann

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