Remembering Tony …

Tony Lackler gravestone - April 1, 1978

Gravestone for Tony Lackler On Forest Glenn ave

I have been meaning to go by there for a long time, but time gets away from you, and chasing this down required a trip to Wheaton/Silver Spring, and I honestly don’t get to Md much unless I go see my dad. To be honest, even tho I was a pallbearer, it’s been so long …I wasn’t even sure I could find it after all this time – has it really been 34 years since Tony died?
But sure enough, the little Cemetery was there on the West side of Forest Glenn Ave – not far from the house he grew up in … The whole family is gone now – Peter died nearly 10 years ago – and Marion a few years later. That’s hard to believe too – such nice people, so full of life!