Test Posting

Just a test to see how the new config for Movable Type 3.2 is working here!
OK – I did have to rebuild the system with the all new default templates.
Then once i was on the new templates I hacked the new design to bring in some features of the old site (like the Blogroll) – and tweaked the page design to make it my own … but once I did, everything seems fine!

Restyling the blog

As I get time here and there I\’ll put some more color and style back into the blog. WordPress handles styles differently than my much-hacked MovableType styling, so it may be a while before you see anything that ambitious here again, but I am bringing some color back in. I\’m not sure I like header graphic I created last night before dinner – I just grabbed a bunch of pictures from iPhoto and jumbled them together (the pond, Emma, the MCC logo in leather seen at conference a few years ago, the Triumph I’m fixing up) … Its very busy and hard to read the title overlay – but it will have to do for now while I think through a full website makeover. I’m also considering setting the blog as the homepage for the whole website.

Movable Type 3.0 D

I read this morning that the Trotts just released Movable Type 3.0 D (Developer). I’ve enjoyed the ver 2.6 software in the past, and they offered a great discount 33% off, and I got credit for my previous payments(!), so the price was real reasonable, and I bought it. I just did the download and upgraded the site. It all went real smooth, and seems fine – time will tell!

Read more in Mena’s blog

Reading the Trackbacks to Mena’s posting, I see a lot of complaints that its not free, or that people can’t run more than 3 blogs without paying. Hey – what’s to keep people from running version 2.6 further. The terms don’t change for that version, just for version 3. I came to Movable Type from GreyMatter – and MT2.x was much easier to deal with!

Import Finished!

I’ve reloaded the software, imported all the old entries, and begun rebuilding the templates so the Blogpile is beginning to look like the old site before it crashed, tho I still have more work to do on the templates, when I have time.

Test file

They reconfigged the server and my old bLog configuration didn’t survive.
So – I’ve rebuilt the blog configuration and will be re-entering some of the postings from last winter and such – tho – I reserve the right to skip a few.
Ah well – Vive la revolution!

NOW in Movable Type!

I set the initial blog up using GreyMatter. I did some occasional blog entries over the last few months. After the last couple snowstorms I realized I was more interested in posting pictures than I was in running an online commentary.
So, I did some research and decided to try Movable Type …
I just got the initial setup done and imported my previous blog … tho I still need to recreate the stylesheets and such of my previous entries …

Call this a first test entry …

Cheers for the weekend!

A glorious sunny weekend in Fairfax! I love the way the light is reflected off the snow – everything is so bright, tho there are a lot of leaves laying on top of the snow. 2 days off – woohaa!

Started the day makin’ pancakes for my honey, listening to Bowie’s Low album … followed with a boot of Bowie at the Apollo (London) from Oct 2 this year … ahhhh!

Slow day at the Web mill … ?

Walked in to work at 6:45 today to get an early start. Read some emails and – as the computer seemed sluggish, I decided a reboot would refresh the memory and perhaps help things out. Sometimes the network is slow, but this seemed to be the machine itself – switching between windows from email to Homesite or other functions seemed to take forever. Did the restart and … uh – oh …

“can’t find system root/system32/ntoskrnl.exe” …. that can’t be good! I tried a few more time, no change. Called tech support to let them have at it for a while … whoops, wrong day – its Moving Day – some of our group is being moved to the other building and the Help Desk folks have their hands full … sigh … But I did get someone to help and I sat quietly by and let him sort through it. After numerous boots via floppy and Win2k CD, I got him to try and copy a fresh version of the NTOSKRNL file into the correct directory.

By 2:45 tech support called to check on me and seemed surprised that it wasn’t up yet. I offered an alternate approach. I’d bring a spare Hard drive in from home, wiped clean to avoid any potential viral threats. We put it in my machine as a new C drive, connect the original drive as D and do a quick Win2000 install, just to get it running with the Windows GUI – then we could compare things, virus check it, copy files, whatever, to get it back up. They liked the idea, so well that we’ll try that strategy tomorrow! Wish me luck – I don’t have time to be down!

AM fortitude

UGH – o-dark early and I’m up checking mail … got to shower – possible snow headed our way tomorrow … leaves are still falling … Hmmm – can I still use the leaf blower when they are snow covered?