Movable Type 3.0 D

I read this morning that the Trotts just released Movable Type 3.0 D (Developer). I’ve enjoyed the ver 2.6 software in the past, and they offered a great discount 33% off, and I got credit for my previous payments(!), so the price was real reasonable, and I bought it. I just did the download and upgraded the site. It all went real smooth, and seems fine – time will tell!

Read more in Mena’s blog

Reading the Trackbacks to Mena’s posting, I see a lot of complaints that its not free, or that people can’t run more than 3 blogs without paying. Hey – what’s to keep people from running version 2.6 further. The terms don’t change for that version, just for version 3. I came to Movable Type from GreyMatter – and MT2.x was much easier to deal with!