We DID it, part 2


Of course, once we got our marriage license, we wanted to do something about it.
The marriage had to be done in DC, and I’ve always loved the light and airy space of MCC DC – so Emma pulled some strings, and got it reserved for us on Weds March 31st.
Our Anniversary is April 1st – so that was perfect.
We just wanted a small, quiet ceremony. Rev Kharma Amos was the officiant, our good friend Elethia took pictures, and Emma and I were wed!


Defending Marriage – the RIGHT way!

Wonderful quote from Bill and Kent’s weblog:

President Bush stated
, “Yesterday in New Jersey, we had another activist court issue a ruling that raises doubts about the institution of marriage. I believe it’s a sacred institution that is critical to the health of our society and the well-being of families, and it must be defended.”

President Bush, if you really believe marriage needs defending so damn much, then pass a constitutional amendment making divorce illegal, moron.
It’s really funny that when a court rules in favor of equality for gays, they are called an “activist court”, and when they deny us equality, they are merely “doing what they are supposed to do.”

1049 rights wronged

After the final debate last week, Gina writes of the 1049 Rights afforded to straight married couples that are denied to Gay and lesbian couples who would seek to marry, if only it were “allowed”.


She mentions the Government Accounting Office Jan 1997 Letter from Henry Hyde listing the specific rights that marriage brings. http://www.gao.gov/archive/1997/og97016.pdf

Her story is so close to home! Emma and I moved in together over the Thanksgiving weekend, 8 years ago. We bought a home together August 1, 2000. We would share insurance, car registrations and all the rest, if it wasn’t denied to us. We have gotten our wills done, had all kinds of external legal documents done, just in case one of us has an accident or dies. Yet we still won’t be able to share social security benefits and many of the other “priviledges” granted to couples that are “approved by the state”.

Hateful HB751 goes into effect July 1st

Virginia actually did it. They passed a bill that kicks a group of people right in the teeth, and they have the audacity to say its
“protecting” marriage. Thats right, they weren’t content to let the existing Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) show folks that they didn’t support marriage between gay people. No, they had to pass an over-the-top law that says not only do they not support gay marriage here, but anything that even presumes to grant privileges that are considered part of marriage is not legal. And by the way, if you do get Gay-married in another state, … its not legal here.

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Supreme Court Audio files online

BoingBoing today has a link to The Oyez Project.   The Oyez project is releasing US Supreme Court oral audio of historic cases in streaming and MP3 format. This audio is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. This license allows listeners to download, share, and create derivative works using these audio files.

I did a search through their archives and soon Emma and I found ourselves fascinated listening to the oral arguments in the 1967 case of Loving V. the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Its a significant decision about Virginia’s inter-racial marriage Law that anyone looking into Gay Marriage should know about …

Loving v. Virginia
388 U.S. 1 (1967)
Docket Number: 395
Audio Resources
Oral Argument and MP3 form

(The streaming audio is 2 hrs & 15 minutes)


The United States Supreme Court, Mr. Chief Justice Warren, held that miscegenation statutes adopted by Virginia to prevent marriages between persons solely on basis of racial classification violate equal protection and due process clauses of Fourteenth Amendment.

VA Bigots pass hateful amendment

Well – the bigots of the Virginia House and Senate passed the hateful House Bill 751, an Affirmation to the Virginia Defense of Marriage Act today. … here’s what they passed

Summary as passed:

Affirmation of Marriage Act for the Commonwealth of Virginia. States that a civil union, partnership contract or other arrangement between persons of the same sex purporting to bestow the privileges or obligations of marriage is prohibited and that such an arrangement entered into in another state or jurisdiction is void in Virginia and any contractual rights created thereby are void and unenforceable.

Looks like we’ll make that trip to Massachusetts in June after all to test the law – P’town here we come!

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Devolites – A Family Morality

After Emma and I made calls to VA Senator Jeannemarie Devolites, asking her to vote against Virginia HB751, Emma and I got a letter from her afterwards that stated “I voted for HB751, as I do not support marriage or civil unions between those of the same gender”.     Link to her scanned letter

So I thought I’d google her to see what kind of strong moral fiber was behind such a bold position.

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Gay Marriage – not so new!

Funny that Reverend Troy Perry has gotten so little copy in the last couple of months. And I have seen nothing in the press about Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) … Rev Troy Perry started the church a year before Stonewall, back in 1968 and its grown to 300 churches in 22 countries. This church was an outreach by and for the queer community (GLBT). They did not require folks to deny who they are (like the ex-gay “ministries”) and are not a afterthought as some of the recent “welcoming” churches are. At an MCC you and your partner can worship together as a couple, take communion together (At MCC, God’s table is always open), and take blessings together. Different MCCs have a bit different flavor depending on the community, who is the pastor, and what the faith-journey is for the congregants.

Reverend Troy Perry of MCC has been working towards gay marriage since 1969!. The article linked mentions Rev Perry’s lawsuit in California in the early 70s, and various actions since then, including the Mass Marriages during the Millenium March on Washington. Gay folks who want church weddings would do well to connect with their local MCC. Could be a great place to do some activism from …