Bush and Iran – old friends against Gays …

‘Bigotry Conquers All,’ Gay Rights Groups Say of U.S. Vote at UN
by Abid Aslam


Published on Monday, January 30, 2006

WASHINGTON – The governments of the United States and Iran–part of President George W. Bush’s ”axis of evil” and his current nuclear bete noire–demonstrated rare unity of cause this past week when Washington backed a Tehran initiative to deny UN access to advocates of sexual minorities’ rights.

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Pets but not partners?

from a
Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Press Release
posted on Yahoo
– Weds Sept 1, 5:44 pm ET

WASHINGTON, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ — The Human Rights Campaign today condemned Home Depot, Sprint, Ecolab and Waste Management — all Fortune 500 companies — for offering their employees pet insurance but not domestic partner health insurance.

“Paying for a parrot’s but not a person’s hospital stay is absurd,” said HRC President Cheryl Jacques. “This is no joke. Employees deserve better from these companies.”

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Hateful HB751 goes into effect July 1st

Virginia actually did it. They passed a bill that kicks a group of people right in the teeth, and they have the audacity to say its
“protecting” marriage. Thats right, they weren’t content to let the existing Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) show folks that they didn’t support marriage between gay people. No, they had to pass an over-the-top law that says not only do they not support gay marriage here, but anything that even presumes to grant privileges that are considered part of marriage is not legal. And by the way, if you do get Gay-married in another state, … its not legal here.

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Equality Fairfax Meeting

Last night Emma and I went to the June 7th meeting of Equality Fairfax. It was a
chance to meet local candidates and to let them listen to our community speak about GLBT issues. I expected mainly Democrats, so I was suprised and pleased to see two Republican representatives. However, a few minutes into the meeting, I was most surprised to see Senator Devolites enter. I was encouraged for a moment that, perhaps, just like other representatives from both parties who had supported
HB 751, she came to the meeting last night "to listen and to learn". But my feelings quickly turned into even greater surprise when, during her edgy introduction to the roomful of 120+ people, she suddenly asked if Heather and Emma were attending.

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Marriage – spreading like wildfire!

Thanks again to Bill of Bill and Kent’s weblog for the link to this story …
S.F. defies law, marries gays – it seems 90 gay and lesbian couples wed Thursday in San Francisco.

Of course, the clueless lawmakers in our State of Virginia are trying to shut the gate to keep out any smoke …

From the Washington Post Feb 13
RICHMOND, Feb. 12 — The Virginia House of Delegates gave preliminary approval Thursday to legislation that would ban the recognition of same-sex civil unions and domestic partnerships, mirroring efforts by states across the nation to prevent gays from enjoying the same rights as married couples.

Virginia is one of 38 states that already ban the recognition of same-sex marriages. The bill would add to Virginia’s “Affirmation of Marriage Act” a ban against recognition of same-sex civil unions or partnership arrangements allowed in Vermont and California.

With all the other things the legislature could be working on, like the school system, employment, the economy, air pollution, you name it, going after Gay Marriage and civil unions is simply a distraction … much like a magician’ banter keeps you from seeing the extra card slipped into the deck at a critical point.

Could it be that after all the uproar over President Bush’s war on Saddam Hussein, the lack of WMD, and continued plumet of Bush credibility, that a wedge issue like Gay marriage is just another way of avoiding the real issues that face America?

Is Gay Marriage the Willie Horton of 2004?

Santorum eats foot!!

“I have no problem with Ric Santorum.
I have a problem with Ric Santorum’s acts.”

Why don’t these folks GET IT – there is no God Given right to abuse and insult folks who are different than you. We may not believe in their narrow misunderstandings of Christian principle.
The US is a country that was founded on Christian principles, but they were NOT FundyMental Baptist “principles”. There is a REASON Jimmie Carter left the Southern Baptist church.

Mr. Santorum, leave my Human Rights alone!