MCC at the National Cathedral

October 29th was a pretty amazing day – MCC founder and 1st moderator Rev Troy Perry was retiring and the new moderator, Rev Nancy Wilson, was installed into office. Amazingly, the service was to be held at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC – just a 40 minute drive from our home.

The cathedral Tour guides say the National Cathedral is the largest gothic cathedral in North America, and the 6th largest cathedral in the world (see

The truely amazing thing to MCCers was – just 30 years ago the cathedral had been locked to prevent Troy Perry from having a service there. Now, in 2005, we were there having a major church service.

All MCC Clergy was invited to attend, so Emma had offered to help serve communion. I was able to participate as well – to be her communion holder! What an honor to be able to serve in such a historic service.

The whole service was being taped for release on DVD later, so they asked that we not take flash pictures during the service, but I did get a few photos before and after the main event.
The pulpit behind us was an a beautifully carved stone structure, and was the last pultpit Martin Luther King preached from. The ceiling is 100 foot above the floor – its impossible to get a real feel for this worship space in photos – you have got to visit there.

Here is a link to the MCC website with photos, the text of Nancy Wilson’s sermon and more specifics