Introducing Casey Stratton

Sometimes I think I must be the last to hear of a promising new artist. I’m hardly plugged into the media music machine – I don’t listen to our local radio stations in the car (just NPR or CDs usually), and I don’t watch the media hype shows on TV. Heck, I didn’t catch one episode of American Idle or any of its clones …

But while browsing LiveJournals earlier this week, one writer mentioned an amazing album by an artist named Casey Stratton. I googled him and found Casey’s official (Sony) website and heard samples from his album. Google also showed a Casey fansite with more info and some live songs and demos – real breathtaking stuff. Then I found Casey has a Live Journal, so I’ve been reading that the last few days

I went to Amazon and bought the album, then found a previous album is available through eBay, so I bought that one last night – (they say all money for that goes to the artist).

But don’t take my praises for Casey’s music – go to the Sony site or the site and listen to Casey’s music and make your own mind up. Casey sings with a high voice, known as contralto

One thought on “Introducing Casey Stratton

  1. Hi, nice things you said about Casey. He’s got a wonderful voice, and from reading his LJ he seems very nice and smart.

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