The Bathroom Project

This project has gone so wrong I’ve built a webpage just for it – see

A few years back, Emma was in the half bath just behind the stove in the kitchen and she noticed a dark spot on the ceiling. When she reached up to touch it, her hand went right through the surface, into wet plaster! Thats how we found out we had a problem with the tile around the tub in the upstairs bathroom.
I pulled the old tile down and found another layer of tile under that – 2 rows deep! I’m a fan of HGTV and all the renovation shows, so I knew I could save some money if I did the initial demolition. Break out the googles and have at it! I stripped the wall down to the bare studs, then packed it full of Fiberglass insulation to keep the room comfy.

We spoke to various contractors and got bids, and finally signed a contract with one firm May 18, 2005. It was our first experience with contractors – and its been like all the home remodeling gone bad movies you ever saw …

They came in and did some initial work, but its been a comedy of errors (but …it ain’t funny!).
We wanted to get the fixtures (tub, toilet and sink) in an offwhite color – so when their estimator wrote up the the contract he said “offwhite, almond/biscuit – any color but white” .

So of course, when they brought the new tub, it was white. Fortunately, we noticed while it was still outside, before it was installed, so we reminded them of the contract and had them take it back and exchange it for an almond tub.