Got Profit?

Since we got the Phillips Widescreen HDTV in March, we have been watching a lot of movies. Of course, network TV is more inane than ever in widescreen – We’ve never found any reason to watch “reality” shows. I did put up an old but very good UHF antenna and rotor to get the Over-The-Air (OTA or Broadcast) stations from Washington and Baltimore. There are a few shows sent in HD (even a local news show in HD!), there just isn’t that much we want to watch. And our local Blockbuster doesn’t have much of a selection. Sure – they have the latest Adam Sandler movies, but when it comes to the classics, or even old Hitchcock films … nada.

So, on a whim, I joined Netflix last month to see what they had.
Good move – I found out they have 40,000 films in stock, and they are always adding to it. Lots of classics and independant films – and more recent films that I didn’t get to see when they quickly passed through our local art-film house. I finally got to see one of my long desired wish list films – “Fitzcarraldo”! Oh, that was such an excellent film … Klaus Kinski as the dreamer having the natives drag a steamboat up and over the hillside between the two rivers – amazing stuff. And they have episodic TV shows – we watched the first season of “The L Word” during a number of nights last month.

But last week, I saw a show listed that I never thought I’d see again, something I only saw a few episodes of once, when it first aired on FOX TV back in 1996. I added the 3 discs of the show to my Netflix queue, and today – I got disc one of “Profit”.

We watched the 2 hour Pilot at dinner, then watched the next episode “Hero” after the 8PM showing of “The Daily Show with John Stewart”. Great stuff, very dark humour, yet its still hard to believe they thought this would play on broadcast TV 10 years ago …