MCC Ordination Service

I just got back from a weekend in Richmond, Virginia. After 5 years of work, study and practice, my partner Emma was ordained as a Reverend in the Metropolitan Community Church.

It was a very significant weekend for me, my dad expressed an interest in seeing her service, and by going to Richmond, he’d get a chance to meet Emma’s parents as well, who he’s never met, due to their poor health and inabilty to travel.

One of the neat things is that Emma’s dad had been a Methodist Minister most of his life – he retired a few years ago after preaching for 50 years. Her uncle is also a retired Methodist Minister, so Emma going into the ministry was following in a family tradition. (Yeah – she’s a PK – Preacher’s Kid)…

Bagpiper on the steps on MCC Ricmond

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Considering that Emma’s family is of Scottish descent,
what kind of a service would it be without a piper?

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The altar features significant items from her life …

The Choir from MCC Nova share their beautiful voices in song …

Emma’s Dad has a few words – he got a standing ovation!

Reverend Elder Garner came from Mexico to help with the ceremony.
She was the pastor at MCC Nova when we first started attending, and encouraged Emma to follow her calling to ministry.

The final part of the service was a call for all the pastors in attendance
to come forward for a laying on of hands, blessing and annointing Reverend Emma into Ministry.
There were a number of pastors from MCC region 3, as well as Emma’s father and her uncle Reverend Norman.
This was a Very cool day!

Pastors present in the Ordination (alphabetical order)

Rev Kharma Amos – MCC Northern Virginia (Fairfax, VA)

Rev Stephanie Burns – MCC Fredericksburg, VA

Rev E Lee Chattin (retired)
Rev Norman Chattin (retired)

Rev Elder Darlene Garner – MCC Region 6

Rev Robin Gorseline – MCC Richmond, VA

Rev. Candy Holmes – Hallelujah Ministries of MCC

Rev Wayne Schwandt – MCC of the Chesapeake, MD

Rev Candace Shultis – MCC Washington, DC