Serious Snowfall

Seems we just got over the last snowfall, when another came our way. We woke early Saturday so we could get downtown for the 9am plenary speech at the True Spirit conference – and found the snowstorm had started overnight Friday, but wasn’t too much trouble with our drive downtown. We stayed at the Conference ’til about 2PM, and planned to staff the MCC NOVA table Sunday – but when we woke early Sunday, we found a good foot of snow was on the ground and more was falling. It was enough that they called it a snow day for church – something that had never happened in the 5 years I’ve been a member of MCC NOVA! The local Highway admins were requesting people stay off the roads – Serious stuff – we stayed in and watched it fall, hiked out back to check on the pond, then came in and had cheesey brocoli soup (yum!).
It was serious enough that they shut down the federal Government on Tuesday while the road crews plowed again and again to get the snow out of the way! Ah well, tomorrow is Weds – back to work!

Click Pix to enlarge!
backyard full of snow
Note the bench mid-picture that is buried up to the seat!
cars waist deep in snow
Note the depth of the snow drifts by the cars