Gay Marriage – not so new!

Funny that Reverend Troy Perry has gotten so little copy in the last couple of months. And I have seen nothing in the press about Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) … Rev Troy Perry started the church a year before Stonewall, back in 1968 and its grown to 300 churches in 22 countries. This church was an outreach by and for the queer community (GLBT). They did not require folks to deny who they are (like the ex-gay “ministries”) and are not a afterthought as some of the recent “welcoming” churches are. At an MCC you and your partner can worship together as a couple, take communion together (At MCC, God’s table is always open), and take blessings together. Different MCCs have a bit different flavor depending on the community, who is the pastor, and what the faith-journey is for the congregants.

Reverend Troy Perry of MCC has been working towards gay marriage since 1969!. The article linked mentions Rev Perry’s lawsuit in California in the early 70s, and various actions since then, including the Mass Marriages during the Millenium March on Washington. Gay folks who want church weddings would do well to connect with their local MCC. Could be a great place to do some activism from …

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  1. I haven’t thought about Troy Perry or the MCC in ages. Here in the part of North Carolina known as research Triangle Park the church with the largest number of gay members is Episcopal. Here in Durham itself it is a United Methodist church. There are MCC branches, very small and I don’t know anyone who goes to them.
    I suspect many gay Christians who grew up in a denomination that was liberal or has grown so tend to gravitate to the church of their childhood.

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