JBL 4320 project continues

JBL Control Monitors-before
Picture of our JBL Control Monitors on the Media room floor, with Dolly on the back of the futon!
JBL Control Monitors-after I built new grills
The end result – my homebuilt grills & JBL Blue cloth – Rich!

The speakers are ancient (circa 1969-72) and many parts are NLA – No Longer Available. That just means I can improve them while I restore them. One thing I have already done is to add the slot tweeter to extend the high frequency range.

Another goal I have while working on these old speakers is to make them look better and fit our home’s style. Thats a tough goal with big dark walnut boxes that are just under 2’x2’x3′. One reason I got them so cheap is because the grills were lost/damaged years ago – exposed speaker faces may excite my inner-geek, but functionally, there’s no reason not to cover them up. But again, these are long out of production – so – If I want grills, I’ll have to build them myself.

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