BSA Motorcycles

BSA Number Data

VIN #s

BSA Unit Twins, 1962-65
1962 Eng./Frame
1963 Eng./Frame
1964 Eng./Frame
1965 Eng./Frame
A50 A50-101/A50-101 A50-823/A50-2288 A50A-101/A50-5501 A50A-686/A50- 8437
A50 (Police) A50AP-101/A50-5501 A50AP-121/A50-8437
A50C (USA) A50B-101/A50B-101 A50D-101/A50B-4001
A50CC (USA) A50B-507/A50B-4001
A50C & A50CC (UK) A50DC-101/A50B-4001
A65 A65-101/A50-101 A65-1947/A50-2288 A65A-101/A50-5501 A65A- 1134/A50-8437
A65 (Police) A65AP-101/A50-5501 A65AP-267/A50-8437
A65R A65B-101/A50-5501 A65B-334/A50-8437
A65R (Rev counter) A65C-101/A50-5501 A65C-1082/A50-8437
A65T/R A65B-101/A50-5501
A65L/R A65D-101/A50B-101 A65D-1742/A50B-4001
A65SH A65E-101/A50B-101 A65E-701/A50B-4001
A65L & A65LC A65DC-2158/A50B-4001
BSA Unit Twins, 1966-69
1966 Engine
1967 Eng. & Frame
1968 Eng. & Frame
1969 Eng. & Frame
A50 Royal Star A50R-101 A50RA-101 A50RB-101 A50RC-101
A50 Wasp A50W-101 A50WA-101 A50WB-101
A65 Thunderbolt A65T-101 A65TA-101 A65TB-101 A65TC-101
A65 Lightning A65L-101 A65LA-101 A65LB-101 A65LC-101
A65 Hornet A65H-101 A65HA-101
A65 Firebird A65FB-101 A65FC-101
A65 Spitfire A65S-101 A65SA-101 A65SB-101
Frame No. All Models A50C-101

Model Year Model Codes
1969-70 D175, D175B, B25S, B44SS, B44VS, A50R, A65T, A65L, A65F, A75
1971 D175, B25SS, B25T, A65FS
1971-72 B50SS, B50T, A65T, A65L, A75, A75V
1971-73 B50MX
1972 A70L

1969 and onwards:

For the models produced after 1969 a new coding system (numbers) was introduced using a two letter prefix for the month and model season year.

First Letter Code

Letter Month
A January
B February
C March
D April
E May
G June
H July
J August
K September
N October
P November
X December

Second letter Code

Letter Model Year
C Aug 1968 - July 1969
D Aug 1969 - July 1970
E Aug 1970 - July 1971
G Aug 1971 - July 1972
H Aug 1972 - July 1973

(Courtesy BSA Club of NSW Australia)